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MIGHTY Vaporizer

279 €

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MIGHTY Vaporizer
MIGHTY Vaporizer MIGHTY Vaporizer - Top MIGHTY Vaporizer - Side MIGHTY Vaporizer - Included MIGHTY Vaporizer - Grinder MIGHTY Vaporizer - Display

279 €

345 € Sparen Sie 66 €

279 €

345 € Sparen Sie 66 €

Wir garantieren Ihnen die aktuellsten/neuesten Vaporizer-Versionen. Wir erhielten diesen Bestand des MIGHTY Vaporizer am 15 Mar. 2018.

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Der MIGHTY Vaporizer ist angekommen! Dieser Vaporizer wird durch Storz & Bickel, den Herstellern des Volcano Vaporizer, in Deutschland handgefertigt und aus hochwertigen Materialien für erstklassige Langlebigkeit und Funktionalität konstruiert.

Durch die Verwendung einer Kombination aus Wärmeleitung und Konvektionswärme erwärmt sich der MIGHTY in Sekunden und liefert so dichte und sichtbare Dampfwolken, unabhängig ob durch Verdamfpung von Aromatherapiemischungen, Ölen oder Wachs. Im Inneren des MIGHTY befindet sich eine intelligente Kühleinheit, die für eine leichte Reinigung auseinandernehmbar ist. Die Akkulaufzeit des MIGHTY beträgt 1,5 bis 2 Stunden und für verringerten Akkuverbrauch ist eine automatische Abschaltfunktion vorhanden.

Die Dampfqualität des MIGHTY ist ähnlich dem Volcano, dicht, aromatisch und rein. Im Gegensatz zu anderen mobilen Verdampfern besitzt der MIGHTY eine effektive Dampferzeugungssteuerung. Somit steht einer angenehmen Erfahrung ohne Lernkurve nichts im Wege. Der Preis für dieses einzigartige Gerät kann zwar hoch sein, aber es ist gut möglich, dass dies der einzige Vaporizer sein wird, den Sie jemals benötigen!

Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einem Vaporizer mit mehr Mobilität und Smartphonefunktion sind, sehen Sie sich den kleinen Bruder des MIGHTY an - der CRAFTY Vaporizer.


  • Vollständige Beheizung der Strömungsluft
  • Präzise Temperaturregelung
  • Zwei Lithium-Ionen-Akkus
  • Hocheffizienter Wärmetauscher
  • Automatische Abschaltung
  • Großes LED-Display
  • Vibrationsalarm


Zubehör (inbegriffen)

  • Netzteil
  • Tropfenkissen
  • 3x Ersatzsiebe
  • Reinigungspinsel
  • Mühle
  • Füllhilfe
  • Dichtringe
  • Gebrauchsanweisung


Zwei Lithiumakkus

Der MIGHTY verfügt auch über zwei Lithium-Ionen Akkus, welche eine kontinuierliche Nutzungsdauer über Stunden ermöglichen. Der Akku-Doppelpack garantiert eine lange Lebensdauer und einen großen Aktionsradius. Der MIGHTY kann mit komplett entladenem Akku über das Netzgerät betrieben werden.



Die mitgelieferte Füllhilfe kann für eine schnelle und saubere Befüllung der im Vaporizer integrierte Füllkammer benutzt werden. Diese wird anstelle der Kühleinheit auf die Füllkammer aufgesetzt. Die Kühleinheit sichert das Herunterkühlen des Dampfes und garantiert optimales und volles Aroma.


Schnelle Aufheizung

Der MIGHTY Vaporizer besitzt eine weite Heizkammer und einen hocheffizienten Wärmetauscher, um sichtbaren Dampf direkt bei erster Benutzung zu liefern. Das Gerät besitzt auch eine LED-Anzeige für eine präzise Steuerung der Dampftemperatur für den Anwender. Der MIGHTY erreicht seine eingestellte Temperatur in etwa 60 Sekunden. 



Der MIGHTY Vaporizer besitzt eine Herstellergarantie über zwei Jahre, beschränkt auf normale Nutzung.


Zusätzliche Information

Kann verdampfen Mischungen, Öle, Wachse
Hersteller Storz & Bickel
Maße (Länge x Breite x Höhe) 8 x 3 x 14 cm
Vaporizer-Gewicht 230 g
Style Schwarz
Antrieb Batterie
Heizelement Konvektion mit Erwärmungstechnik kombiniert
Inhalations-Methode Direkt
Hergestellt in Deutschland
Garantie 2 Jahre

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It works brilliantly. Best of the smallest available vaporizer on the market

Damn good

Fully satisfied with this product. I highly recomment it.
Easy to use, easy to clean, totally worth the money. Buy it.
This store's excellent service has to be noted as well.

Very satisfied customer

This is my first time ever buying something like this online. And it is also my very first vaporizer. And I only have positive things to say about all this! Was in contact with the support before buying and they guided me through this vaporizer-jungle really professionally, so thank you very much for that! And when I finally ordered, the delivery time shown on the page was very accurate! So thank you again.
The vaporizer itself is really beyond what I imagined. I understand now why its called the Mighty Vaporizer. It really is! Dont bother buying the cheaper models. /S


Oh this is great! In all possible ways! Is anybody NOT satisfaid with this vaporizer?? Think not! Same goes for this store...really nice with good and needed info. and fast delviery times! and this is a high cuality product people! Pay the price! its wourth it! pay less and you get less of vaporizer :)))

thanks very much to Magicvaporizers for this great product, and greatest store!

The best

I have had a few vaporizers now but they all fail at som point. Maybe becaus I only buy the cheapest ones! Now I didnt look at the price, only the facts. It says that this is the most powerful vaporizer and it has good reviews. I bought mine in the summer (got it very fast, thanks alot MagicVaporizers!) and it has been working perfectly ever since! And it is really powerful! So Im so far very satisfied with my Mighty Vaporizer! Have nothing negativ to say about it. If you are willing to pay the price, you will not regret it!

Mighty it is!

Yes this vaporizer has a well earned name I think! I have had a Volcano stationary for over a year and I didnt know they made portable also. When I see this and its also made in germany, strongest portable etc. I couldnt help myself. I had to get one! I made my order on a sunday and recived it on tusday! Crazy! Thanks alot for the best vaporizer shop and the best vaporizer!! (Portable hehe)

All you need

this mighty vaporizer is all you need. it has good battery time, high quality feeling, nice display, makes very good vapor and looks really fancy too. after you trie this you will never be able to use the cheaper models :) first i think it is to much money for vaporizer and the ones for 80 euro will work just as fine. i have one cheap one and this one. but i now never use the cheap one, will throw it :)

its not only vaporiser its euforiariser

I have volcano digit, mighty and ariser extreme, also tried magic flight. Volcano and mighty both give me tasty head opening vape. It gets me euphoric.

Feel the mighty one

I received my Mighty about 2 weeks ago. I purchased it because I wanted a portable device that would stand up to heavy daily use (I have broken my last 4), and this company has a reputation for building quality products (at a price). Out of the box it is awesome! Very easy to use, produces good vapor, and great aromas. The filling tool makes changing the aromatherapy blend very easy. Heats up fast and temperature is easily controlled. It seems to be really well built, even though it is mostly plastic. Vapor comes out pretty cool, even at high temps. So far I am really happy with this product, but I do have few issues. One: The automatic shut off is too short (1 minute), you basically have to push a button after every hit to keep it from shutting off. Two: the thing vibrates constantly - turn on - vibrate, turnoff - vibrate, reaches temperature - vibrates twice. I have gotten used to the vibrating. Finally, after two weeks of use it started bad aromas and it was getting harder to use. I brush out the chamber and the screens after every use (it looked clean). I decided to take the cooling unit (top part) apart to look inside. There was a chunk of material that had collected in the cooling unit and was blocking the air flow. The problem is that the upper screen is not fine enough to catch finely ground aromatherapy blend. It was hard to clean out - because it was so clogged, I will have to do at least weekly cleanings to keep this from happening.

So overall, I am happy with the Mighty so far. The ease of use and great taste outweigh the buzzing and having to clean it regularly. If it will last for a couple of years, I will be very happy with it. One other note - it is bigger than most other portables. If you are looking for lightweight, this probably isn't the best choice. But it will fit in a pants pocket so you can take it with you.


This is a beast of a vape. Also have the solo (good unit, but fiddly and hard to clean) and tried a couple of ebay units that were crappy. The mighty and its little brother the Crafty are the top dogs depending on your needs. Plenty of You tube videos of both to compare. Did have an issue after 3 months with the back light to the LCD screen going out. But the unit was being used all day every day and these things happen. Storz & Bickel have asked us to send it in and we are expecting it back within a week either fixed or a new unit. Basically its expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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