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Volcano Digit

395 €

479 € Sparen Sie 84 €

Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer
Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer Volcano Digit - Included Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer Kit Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer Balloon Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer

395 €

479 € Sparen Sie 84 €

395 €

479 € Sparen Sie 84 €

Wir garantieren Ihnen die aktuellsten/neuesten Vaporizer-Versionen. Wir erhielten diesen Bestand des Volcano Digit am 17 Jan. 2020.

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Der digitale Volcano Digit Vaporizer ist seit fast 10 Jahren der beste Vaporizer den man für Geld kaufen kann. Mit seinem extrem präzisen Temperaturen-Regler und einem Ballonaufblas-System, das jeder benutzen kann, hat er die Latte für andere elektrische Vaporizers hoch gelegt. Der Volcano Digit benutzt konzentrierte Luft um Ihre aromatherapeutischen Mischungen zu erhitzen, weshalb er die Aromen in den Dampf extrahieren kann, ohne je etwas anbrennen zu lassen. Das macht ihn sowohl frei von Giftstoffen als auch bis zu 4 mal so effizient wie das Verbrennen.

Die Haupteigenschaften des Volcano Digit Vaporizers im Vergleich zum Volcano Classic sind die digitale LED-Anzeige, der genaue Temperaturen-Regler und die automatische Abschaltefunktion. Indem Sie sich für den Volcano Digit entscheiden, gönnen Sie sich ein garantiertes Dampferlebnis höchster Qualität, und das jedes Mal.


  • Große Digitale LED-Anzeige
  • Hochentwickelter Lufttemperaturen-Regler
  • Lebensmittelechtes Aluheizelement
  • Hochleistungs-Heizpatrone
  • Kräftige Ballon-Pumpe
  • Moderne Deutsche Technik
  • Temperaturen zwischen 40° & 230°C
  • Elektromechanisches Modell
  • Automatische Abschaltefunktion
  • 3 Jahre Garantie
  • Easy Valve-Set im Lieferumfang enthalten

Zubehör (im Lieferumfang enthalten):

  • Kammer zum Auffüllen
  • Ballon-Set (Easy Valve)
  • 6 Standardsiebe im Set
  • Luftfilterset
  • Tropfenkissen
  • Reinigungspinsel
  • Grinder
  • Gebrauchsanleitung


Die Volcano Classic und Digit Vaporizers heben sich vor allem durch ihren Ventilballon ab, in den der produzierte Dampf gepumpt wird. Nachdem der Ballon gefüllt wurde, kann er komplett abgenommen und vom Vaporizer getrennt benutzt werden, so dass der Inhalt bequem, praktisch und sicher konsumiert werden kann.


Die Basis des Volcano Digit besteht aus einem glatten, gebürsteten Metallkern und alle beliegenden Teile sind aus lebensmittelechten Materialien gefertigt, die kein Aroma abgeben. Sowohl die Hochleistungs-Heizpatrone als auch die kraftvolle Ballonpumpe halten den härtesten Bedingungen stand. Eine separate Temperaturensicherung, ein Luftfilter und ein Schalldämpfer sind auch in dem Volcano Digit Vaporizer enthalten, nämlich in Form eines eigens entworfenen Aluheizelementes, das die Luft sauber und zuverlässig auf die gewünschte Temperatur erhitzt.



Der Volcano Digit verfügt über eine grosse, komplett individuell einstellbare Digitale Temperaturen-LED-Anzeige, die schnelle und präzise Information über den Status des Heizvorgangs liefert und die gewünschte und tatsächliche Betriebstemperatur berichtet. Die Temperatur des Volcano Digit beträgt zwischen 40 und 230 °C. Das Gerät hat zudem einen feingestimmten Temperaturen-Regler und ein internes Luftreinigungs-System, was den Volcano Digit zur Nummer 1 der Dampfliebhaber macht.


Seine genaue elektrische Lufttemperaturen-Kontrolle und eine Beständigkeit, die für konkurrierende Hersteller einst unerreichbar war, machen das Digitale Volcano Digit Vaporizer-System zum Vorreiter unter den Profis als der technisch meist fortgeschrittene Vaporizer, den es momentan im Handel gibt.



Der Kauf eines Volcano Digital beinhaltet eine dreijährige Hersteller-Garantie bei normalem Gebrauch.


Zusätzliche Information

Kann verdampfen Mischungen, Öle, Wachse
Hersteller Storz & Bickel
Maße (Länge x Breite x Höhe) 20,3 x 20,3 x 17,8 cm
Vaporizer-Gewicht 1.200 g
Style Digit Silber
Antrieb Steckdose
Heizelement Heizelement aus legiertem Aluminium
Inhalations-Methode Konzentrierte Luft - Ballon zum Aufpumpen
Hergestellt in Deutschland
Garantie 3 Jahre

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The Flowemate Uno heats up fast and produces crazy clouds! Now, this is a portable vaporizer that knows how to get the job done! I usually get cool and flavorful vapor from the uno, and is perfect for group sessions and parties. It is also good for oils, concentrates, and even comes with a water pipe adapter! All that for less than 200€ is already an amazing deal right there. The Uno’s functionality and performance is through the roof!! I love using it in social settings becuase partly, it was made to last in such circles. I have made a lot of friends with the uno and to this day, it still works its magic.

Very good but small battery

Larry L
Battery life is enough to last me about 3 sessions since I use the Flowerate uno at higher temps. Kinda hoped the battery would have a longer life but I guess the swappable batteries is a good enough solution. Overall, the Uno is a great device. I always get great flavor from this vape, which is why it is one of my favorites. It gives its competitors a run for their money. No major complaints about the product, though at first I was worried that it used plastic as among its materials. Realized I had nothing to worry at all. Flowermate got me covered! I also love its design and a fan of its amazing performance.

You can never go wrong with this volcano!

Doctor Green
The digital volcano is a dream come true. Many of my most memorable sessions are with the volcano. It definitely fires up the house (in a good way!) I have no regrets with this device. Every euro was worth it! It has a really good temperature range, plus accurate controls. I like the LED screens as well. Versatile enough to accommodate both concentrates and dry herbs and the vapor quality? OMG the vapor quality is unlike other vapes I have tried. Great, sturdy performance that will leave you wanting. It is safe too, so none of those vaping scares. It is easy to maintain and easy to use.


I would automatically recommend the volcano digit to anyone looking for a desktop vaporizer. I know younger ones are all into portable vapes, and I think I understand because the volcano weighs a kilogram or so, but having this baby readily available at your home is a great comfort. If you can, get yourself a portable AND a volcano digit. This device is very easy to use although there are quite a few things to get used to. Heating time is a bit long, I waited around 4 to 5 minutes for the device to heat up, but it is worth it. Also, best thing about a digital vaporizer, easy and very accurate controls, and AMAZING vapor quality. In my opinion, this is still the best!

Still my preferred device after years of vaping

St. William
Well, this is an excellent device that remains on the top of the list. I came into the vaping world when this Storz & Bickel device was still the talk of the town. It still a hot item several years later, and even now actually. The reputation of the volcano classic is solid, it is a warranty in itself! Getting the digitial volcano was such a wonderful decision. The accuracy levels are though the roof and I never have a session where something smells off or burnt. It sits comfortably in my living room where I use it thrice a week. This is a glorious vape that produces premium quality.

Hands down the best desktop vaporizer!

The Volcano can delivers every time! You can load in a sizable quantity of herbs to get you started, and will deliver without any hitch right to the end. Best desktop vaporizer and only desktop vaporizer that I have decided to invest in. I absolutely love this device! This is just so powerful that I cannot help raving about its performance and vapor quality. I do recommend reading up on the device before buying it though, since it is definitely NOT cheap, but if you are decided and are ready for the purchase, it will be the best vaping experience.

Overall, great device.

First off, I have to get it out there that I did not have much problem with the volcano. In fact, I believe it is one of the most functional and sturdy device I have ever owned. It is a bit on the expensive side but I do see why I am paying for more than 400 euros. It is an amazing device that is powerful and very useful, but can be noisy. I did notice that I took quite a long time to set it up and then another few to store the device properly. It has quite a few accessories, too. I did find it a bit confusing at the start, especially with the balloon but I eased into it. The heat-up time is longer than I wanted, around 5 minutes, but I think it is not much of a problem since I get premium vapor quality in the end.


I was first intimidated by the balloon technology since my first introduction into the vaping world are mostly portable vaporizers. I decided to get a desktop vape after much recommendation from friends who also use the digital volcano. Surprisingly enough, it is easy to use. I followed the manual when it first arrived and was very happy to see the ballon being filled with air. I got the instructions right! Anyway, always have a fun and relaxing time with the volcano.I also always make sure to clean my vapes so I keep my digital volcano at the top of its game even after years of using it. It is still good as new and vapor quality is as premium and excellent as the first day I tried it.

The best there is!

Big papa
Before I had the Volcano Digit, I haven’t tried any vape that has a balloon filling system. I am so happy with this purchase and I consider it one of the best investments I’ve made. I mainly use it for my aromatherapy blends so it fills my entire place with a very relaxing and peaceful vibe. I really love it! The temperature control is very precise and I get a good amount of dense clouds every time. This is a very effective and efficient device for me. Since it is stationary and needs to always be plugged, I have placed it into a convenient, central location in my living room where I can have some me-time with pleasant aroma enveloping my house.

Blows the other vapes out of the water

420 Central
I’ve had the Volcano Digit for a year or so and even after that long, I still have no regrets in buying this amazing device. I can honestly say that after several years and having tried other portable and desktop vapes, the volcano digit still outshines many others in terms of performance and quality vapor. This is such a unique and reliable device that it is also quite fun to use and set-up. I also think if you are worried about your health or the adverse effects of vaping, then the volcano digit is an answer to your problem. The device offers smooth vapor that is of unmatched quality. The best! The best! I am sure after 3 years, I would still be saying the same.

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