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DynaVap - Hyper Dosing Capsules (5-pack)

29 €
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DynaVap's Hyper Dosing Capsules are the perfect accessory for HyperDyn owners seeking convenience and consistency. These stainless steel capsules, designed specifically for the Hyper Tip, allow you to pre-pack your herbs for quick and easy vaping sessions on the go. With a capacity of approximately 0.12 grams per capsule, they ensure precise dosing and a reliable experience every time, perfect for microdosing.

The precision-engineered perforations in each capsule optimize airflow, ensuring efficient vaporization and smooth, flavorful draws without compromising performance.

Not only do these capsules make vaping more convenient, but they also contribute to easier maintenance of your HyperDyn. By containing your herbs within the capsule, they help keep your tip chamber cleaner, reducing the need for frequent deep cleaning.

How to use:

  1. Open the capsule and fill with your preferred herb
  2. Close the capsule securely
  3. Insert the filled capsule into your Hyper Tip
  4. Replace the cap and heat as usual
  5. Enjoy smooth and tasty vapor


  • Hyper dosing capsules (5)

Intended for use with: DynaVap HyperDyn.